Sunday, March 29, 2015


someone we want someone
who have this, this, this this and this

but we forget, the most important things is
we need a man who can bring us to final destination,
whish is Jannah,

if your husband have iman, it was more than enough
for you to be happy in this world.

this guys will guide your family to be true muslims
your heart will feel in peace.

but there is condition, that Allah give,
if you want a good guy, u need to be good first.
because a good guy, for a good women.

sometimes we want someone who wake up early,
for subuh, if you are rich but your subuh is very bad,
you cannot even open your eyes early,
then when you married it will be trouble,
Your wife will lost her respect to you.

never mind, keep doa, and try your best,
to wake up early for subuh,
Allah look at your hardworking to be the best,
not the result.

a lot of sin you already done,
keep praying,
may Allah accept you back.